So responded Selena Gomez to remember the relationship toxic with Justin Bieber


That’s really amazing! Have emerged in the social networks, some strange photographs of the famous singer Selena Gomez reacting to old photos when she and the canadian singer Justin Bieber they had an affair-toxic, does not the artist has not surpassed his old love?.

Remember that the interpreter of “Rare” some time ago she was involved in a romantic relationship with the famous singer, but apparently their love story was affected by the infidelity of the artist, which caused the end of their romance several years.

Despite the time elapsed now the singer is married to model Hailey Baldwin, but internet users have revealed that the former “Girl Disney” has not passed the dating relationship that he had with the famous, and the proof of it were a few publications which leaked in the network.

In the shocking images we can see that the singer Selena Gomez reacted to some photographs when I was a girlfriend of Justin Bieber; in the first snapshot, appears the famous talking with your ex, while the artist was taken up from over the shirt.

The singer still does not forget his ex

In another photo you can see that he gave me like one of the photos of the canadian; this has caused a stir in social networks, because everything seems to indicate that even the famous have not been able to completely forget a great love, despite how toxic their relationship was sentimental.

In an interview that he had the famous artist Selena Gomez, commented that during the loving relationship she had with Justin Bieber suffered abuse and emotional that it took a while to realize the damage that he caused to have a relationship toxic.

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We remember the singer having launched his new music, different internet users have mentioned that those songs have been indirect for the famous canadian.

Photo: Who.