SPENT – a Twitter User paid Osmariel Villalobos to greet the Goddess Channels in the application “famous” (+TWEETS)


Osmariel Villalobos form part of a ppp to greet their fans for $50 USD; and someone came up to pay for a salute to Goddess Channels.

After the cheerleader venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos come out talking about the app Famous, part of which is coupled to a group of artists who charge their followers different amounts of money for a greeting, many people in the social networks gave them to remember the time you had with the vedette Goddess Channels and even let us glimpse what fun would that be if someone paid him to the tv host to send a greeting to the dancer.

Though it is not known for sure who wasthe fact is that yes there was a user who achieved this task and published the image on the social network Twitterby creating a great controversy.

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The image allows us to see that soon the person will be receiving the greeting of Osmariel Villalobos dedicated to Goddess Channels.

The account VV Uncensored it is one of the who is attributed this task, as reported in a tweet on march 25, where they said “We already pay our $ 50 for that Osmariel will send greetings to Goddess Channels”.

However, there are also some rumors that it was Newman Perez who dared to do this.

The comments of the Twitter users did not wait, and these were some of the reactions.

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