SPOILER: Danna Paola reveals the real reason that Lucretia killed Polo


Danna Paola has a song called “Pole-to-earth” that was a spoiler about as terminaria the third season of the Elite, precisely because the character of Álvaro Rico ends up on the ground.

However, there is a deeper message in the death of Polo and the interpreter “bad reputation” confessed the truth, as it was necessary to Lucrecia kill Polo, not only that dies on that character, but that it is precisely she who ends up with him.

According to the mexican singer, or Lú ni Pole were intended to have a “happy ending” in fact, we can see several times the character of the interpreter of “Sodium” appear to be left alone, and that all will go wrong, so that there would be a better person, blinded by loneliness, to be who, on an impulse, ending with the life of his companion.

All of this is revealed through a video on youtube called “The show of Alvaro Rico,” where the actor will do interviews with all of his mates to tell secrets about Elite.

Watch the video of Alvaro and Danna Paola

Although it was a bit of a surprise the final Elite, it seems that, precisely in that out-Danna Paola goes beyond just a coincidence, but which in fact had to be Lucrecia precisely who ended up with the life of Polo.

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Without a doubt, the end of Elite has been acclaimed by the audience, as one of the best, as Pole had no chance, the producers, have confessed that the death of this character was the way to end the problem and the hatred that he had towards him.