talk to the actors remained without work


We see in these difficult weeks, as the world of cinema is hard from the hitemergency coronavirus: not to count for the productions steadfast and outputs are drawn sleigh rides, as the actor remained practically without work.

Not we are talking of course, about the hollywood stars from the cachet of millionaire: hardly you will hear, in short, Bradley Cooper or Scarlett Johansson suits your financial situation. Our attention is directed in this case to the many stakeholders for younger semisconosciuti in this time, what are a melancholic “zero” under “revenue”.

Literally within two or three days in each job I had, went up in smoke” he explained to the actress, independent Kara Connollyab , followed by Harley Harrison Yanoff: “I feel destroyed. I mean, I’m here with my company [Yanoff gestisce un’azienda di catering], no work as an actor, Broadway is closed -, film-and TV-mounts. For me there is no way to earn“.

Keep in mind similar Natalee Linez, look in the series, such as Siren and ” Hawaii Five-0: the actress had the moment on a project of party a, before the lockdown. “This is the thought that scares me: the show goes on, the same? I have not made samples for anything elsesaid to me again and again to wait, this project… thank God, I shot the first episode and have been paid, I will stay with this Linez said.

A dramatic situation, so that many players experience, such as those that work in other areas. Until today, however, is still much too early to talk about re-opening: only a few days ago in China 500 cinemas were closed again after it is opened.