The beautiful words of Tahimi Alvariño to his daughter, Maria Fernanda for her 19 birthday


The cuban actress Tahimi Alvariño Fast he has used the social networks to send a beautiful greeting to his daughter, Maria Fernanda for her birthday.

The young man, the fruit of the last marriage of the artist with the also cuban actor Bárbaro Marínis blowing, nothing more and nothing less than 19 candles, so that her mother had wanted to share this important date with all his followers of social networks, and wish the best wishes to your girl.

To do this, Alvariño published on their profiles several photos of María Fernanda accompanied by the following dedication:

“Today is 19 years of age the child of my heart. Maria Fernanda, my Mumi. You’re very happy daughter, that everything good you find and know to appreciate it, that you be generous with the bounties of life and love always accompany you. I love you,” wrote the actress.

María Fernanda not only has an exotic beauty inherited from the perfect mix of their parents, but also has brought a bit of that great talent that comes from both families.

In October 2018 the young dazzled all visitors with his powerful voice after her maternal grandmother, the renowned cuban actress Coralita Veloz, shared a video on his account of Facebook in which he appeared singing on the stage of a bar in the city of Madrid, Spain.

In the audiovisual material you could see Maria Fernanda performing in a spectacular way the famous song Eternal love, popularized by the late Spanish singer Rocío Dúrcal, with the ease and talent of an artist of a cot.

Maria Fernanda, was not the only fruit born of the relationship between Tahimi Alvariño and Bárbaro Marín, since that was one of the couples more stable and wanted within the cuban cultural environment, also had a son named Diego, and that we have been able to know thanks to the images of him that share their parents in their social networks.

Facebook / Tahimi Alvariño

Even, a few days ago Tahimi Alvariño shared a beautiful message of peace, hope and encouragement in the midst of the difficult situation at the global level due to the coronavirus and she used to tell that he was going home quarantine of Havana next to his little Diego.