The emotional video of a young woman shaving the hair and eyebrows to look like his sister with cancer


While the world is aware of the pandemic of the coronavirus, there are stories that make us forget the situation in which we are living and touch the fiber to make us remember what is truly important. One of the that has left many tears to your step in the last few days comes directly from North Carolina (united States) and is performed by two sisters, who with their unconditional love have managed to move millions of people around the world.

The user Trill Cami shared a video on Instagram, accompanied by her younger sister Gaby, who is battling cancer. In the material both appear looking in the mirror.

“Today I shaved for my sister, she is here because she thinks she is ugly,” explains the mayor. “So let me show you that that is not so”, he continues while you take a razor blade and begins to shave an eyebrow.

“It does not matter, Gaby! Who cares? To me, it does not matter to me. The eyebrows are not what makes you pretty, not what they are”, said the young man with tears in his eyes. “I love you! You’re gorgeous, boo boo,” she says, before your face astonished her sister, who is not able to pronounce word while is shaved eyebrow. Right after both are founded on a sense hug full of emotion and tears.

“I can not say that everything that is happening has been easy, it has been difficult, it hurts. But this is not for none of you or me, this is for you, Gaby. I love you with every bone of my body. Struggles, and you do it very well. The hair does not make you more ugly, even bald yet you manage to be the sister more pretty. I love you so much and every battle you, I promise to be there, because that is what they do the sisters,” wrote the young man next to the video, that exceeds the two million reproductions.

The video has managed not only to thrill millions of netizens, also dozens of celebrities who have sent all their love to Gaby in her battle against cancer and have commented on the publication of your sister. That is the case Rihanna or Michael B. Jordan.

In addition, others have also wanted to share this beautiful gesture on their profiles Instagram like Alejandro Sanz or Will Smith.

“Clear all underlines the difference between what truly matters in life and what is not”, written by the Spanish singer together with the heart-wrenching video.

While the charismatic actor Will Smith has expressed: “love conquers all, Trill Cami thank you for teaching us the way”.