The emotional video of Ulises Toirac for the daughter of the cuban-EE.STATES that fight against the coronavirus


The comedian cuban Ulises Toirac became a reality the desire of a follower cuban, who is exposed to the coronavirus for his work in the University hospital of Chicago.

The man wanted him to send a message to his daughter living in Cuba through her character Chivichana explaining that your dad is ok, don’t take any type of danger and is very obedient.

The comedian went up the audio-visual material to your profile of Facebook, and in it we can see how it appears dressed in his popular character of John Marchante “Chivichana” while we dedicated a few kind words to the little whose name is Emily Reyes.

The actor tells Terneruzka, a nickname by which his father fondly called the minor and not to worry, that he and his dad are friends of many years and knows very well that will come forward in this crisis because it a a “brave”.

In addition, he asks the girl not to be afraid, that he behaves well, you make a case and stay home to be able to help that is eradicated as soon as possible coronavirus. To finish, Toirac, he adds that his dad is very much protected by great professionals and when you least imagine it again to see and embrace.

On the day of yesterday, Ulises Toirac made public the request of the cuban and made illusion to the great emotional impact that he had caused his heart-wrenching words.

“My have happened to me terrible things. I give thanks to the universe for the life that I have had and the experiences I have lived. Among them, it I just experience that it is for that I have been working two days in a row with almost no rest,” said the humorist.

As can be read in the charter, could perceive the fear and the difficult environment that we currently live in the hospitals because of the spread of the coronavirus, as well as the concern of the young not being able to see your family, or your daughter in the event that catch and, in the worst cases, death.

“The issue is that the spread does not return to see yours and if it dies, what cream the government. I’m not going to abandon my work, for ethics and for gratitude to this country which has given me. If you were in Cuba nor would it, I’m going to be working until this is over or until the virus leave me”, are one of the hard words which he wrote the cuban.

For this reason, the author of the letter asked Ulises Toirac please make a video characterized her character Chivichana, of which Emily is a great fan, for that you communicate that your father will be fine, do not be afraid, to be obedient and please their part by staying home.

Today, the request of the cuban has materialized, and it sure Emily will be much more quiet and seeing her father as a hero who fight every day to save the lives of all those who have unfortunately become infected with the COVID – 19.