“The End” the program is saving TV Azteca


Apparently “The End” it will be one of the main programs of Tv Aztecaafter that, the station has had to stop some of their productions most important cause of the contingency by the Covid-19 in Mexico.

Recall that few days ago Tv Azteca announced that its popular dating program “Enamorándonos” would go out of his transmission momentarily after a hit of almost 4 years in the air, as security for the Coronavirus.

In its place, the station anunciò which will start broadcasts of the program “to The Extreme”, a live production that was already on the air during the weekends. However the constant changes in hours of this program suggest that it is one of the productions of Tv Azteca to get out various troubles.

“The End” the program is saving TV Azteca

In this way “The End” will take on the hours in which transmitting “Enamorándonos”; a program that will be led by the drivers Adianez Hernandez and Juan Barragán, who is the holder of a usual to the production of Tv Azteca.

Therefore this edition, which will be broadcast from Monday to Friday from 5:30 in the afternoon, aims to bring to the audience the topics most surprising, bold and spectacular in the country and the world.

What is “The End”

It is worth mentioning that the format of this program includes interviews with specialists and as your title mentions “the most extreme of the television.” Let us remember that this program previously ran on a nocturnal schedule, and where they touched all kinds of topics of interest such as news of paranormal activity, ufo sightings, and some topics of shows.

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In this days in addition to addressing issues such as heavenly signs, exotic meats and fetishes are extreme, “The End” will share information regarding the Covid-19. Therefore this program of Tv Azteca to become one of the main options to look at during the contingency by the Coronavirus.