“The face of my people”


Many have been the artists from around the world that have made use of their talents to send messages of encouragement and support to face the difficult situation faced by most countries after the spread of the coronavirus. The cuban artists have not been far behind and have also raised their voices, creating a trail of unity in the midst of the crisis by the pandemic.

Once again, the art has become the channel of communication is prefect for getting to the heart of many. On this occasion, the protagonists have been a group of singers cuban province of Holguin, who have come together to launch a beautiful and emotive topic in times of coronavirus called The face of my people (COVID – 19).

The face of my people (COVID – 19) landed on YouTube for the hand of a video clip in which you can appreciate the interpretation from the inside of a recording studio every one of the artists who took part in the project.

As can be seen in the end credits of the audiovisual material, the single was written by Nano Baxter, also known in the artistic world of Holguin as Kofradia, and created under the musical production of Frank Ventura and the house, MG Productions.

In the issue account with the voice of the singers Marilín Aldana, Ernesto Infante, Gilberto Delfino (Candela), Nolberto Leyva, Fernando Cabrejas, Dulce María López, Marilis Of The Kings, Captain Alberto (Tolerance) and the Nano-Baxter (Kofradia).

So far, the song has begun to get very good reception in the social networks and is being shared by many users cubans who feel identified by the message of oneness, encouragement, hope, and overcoming that presents your letter.

As well mentioned above, other artists from the island have also presented topics on those who sing with reason to coronavirus, mostly encouraging citizens to take social consciousness and remain in their homes in quarantine to prevent further contagion and spread of COVID – 19.

Among them are the compositions of the singer Ariel of Cuba and the singer Katia Marquezboth were launched on their social profiles, under the title of Stay at home, respectively.

Currently Cuba is living a real-life situation of alarm after the expansion of the pandemic for different regions of the island, in Sancti Spíritus, Villa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, and Havana.

On the day of yesterday, first of April, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) began the new month with a report of 26 new cases of coronavirus, welcoming a total of 212 affected. Also, it was announced that the number of people killed had risen to six and that had 2.742 admitted, of whom 12 had received high medical.

What do you think of the new initiative of music The face of my people (COVID – 19) on the part of the cuban artists of Holguin?