The hidden problem of the sugar which can be terrible for your health



April 02, 2020
(11:16 CET)

The sugar is one of the evils known to humans. The enchantment harmful of this disaccharide takes many years, but there is a problem that was hidden has come to light recently. It is always better to prevent than to end up regretting the consequences.

If we go directly to known issues so far that are related to the excessive consumption of sugar, we have to refer to the fatty liver, obesity and type 2 diabetes. All this would be associated with the risk of death proportional to the amount of sucrose.

Recent studies have determined that these would not be the only risks, as there is another one that is ignored. The interesting research work was done by Helena Cochemé and published in Cell Metabolism. Consisted of experimenting with fruit flies, also known as Drosophilas melanogaster, which were given food with a high sugar content, so that they could measure its effects.

The new problem that generated the excess sugar was the accumulation of uric acid. This compound gave rise to kidney stones in the flies, signifying an important first step in the discovery.

Subsequently, some experts of the University of Kiel did a detailed study in humans, evaluating the effects of uric acid and determined that effectively generates calculations and gout. They confirmed the dreaded previous result.

Reduction of the new agent harmful sugar

To reduce the negative effects of uric acid, the recommendation is to have a hydration perfect, which consists of 10 glasses of water a day. In this way it diminishes the risk, but not deleted.

Under no reason should you underestimate the excessive consumption of sugar by the taking of the dose of water daily without fail. We have a new reason to get away from this evil that threatens our health and that as time goes on uncovering your true face.