‘The house of paper’ 4×01, ‘Game Over’: “The war has already begun”

This is the first chapter of eight, with which we will analyze in-depth the episodes of Part 4 of ‘The house of paper’. We will post two a day.

“Palermo, this is a war. Acts accordingly”. So, like an atomic bomb launched from the air fall back into the chaos left by the end of Part 3. Becomes ‘The house of paper’ after one of its biggest cliffhangers. The inspector Saw has set up their tactics more dirty and has claimed two victims: Nairobi, which is at the edge of death after having been shot treacherously, and Lisbon, that is arrested and, as we have said to the Teacher, dead. The response from within the Bank of Spain has also been emphatic: Tokyo and the others have prevented the assault of the authorities by launching a missile against a tank (you can call many things to Álex Pina, subtle is not one of them). Goodbye to the band of peaceful rebellious anti-establishment that the society had romantizado.

'The house of paper'

“Everything can joderse in a thousandth of a second”says the voice of Tokyo. The two sides are touched: so much the Teacher as the Colonel Tamayo panic, a parallelism underlined by the realization of Koldo Serra. But in ‘The house of paper’ do not usually have much time to grieve: some have to save to Nairobi, the other has to make sure to escape the clutches of the law and on the other hand they have to pick up the pieces and rethink your plan of attack.

In a flashback, the Professor reveals the key to get out of the Bank of Spain with life once the police have delivered it to River: the gold. “No matter what happens, we must be able to maintain control. Because if not, all our lives will be in danger”. Cut to today: no one is maintaining the control. The Professor regains his composure after a call with Palermo and in his flight from the police is with a savage enemy: a bull. The international audience will smile to be fulfilled the cliché Spanish. We can enable you to in a number you drink most of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie that any director of the homeland. After the bull, a wink that only get caught the Spanish spectators: Ferreras ‘red-hot’ reporting of the situation in the Bank of Spain. Used to take the politics of spectacle, of exaggerated, Ferreras is what looks comfortable acting in the series.

'The house of paper'

Meanwhile, problems in the carp police: the overexcitation of Sierra collides with the shock of Tamayo. “Oh, the movie! The best thing that we could happen”shouts the inspector. Najwa Nimri is even more playful in ‘Vis a vis’. Here are usually a queue, but it is more than clear that the actress was about the great desatándose the mane. And rapándose, and setting fire to the hair fallen. Their scenes always give in the target, a perfect blend between comic book and film that you can only get an actress just as rocking as she is. “The war has already begun”she says to Tamayo before tell you that you have erectile dysfunction and that the law will not save. “I am the law, and erectile dysfunction my balls”, he responds. There is also that clap to Fernando Cayo for being able to recite a phrase so ridiculous and come out unscathed.

Within the Bank of Spain, Nairobi has asked his colleagues to return it to the police. “I’d rather live in prison than die here”. But not all the band has full confidence in you to go to overcome an interrogation out there. What happens next can be justified on the grounds that the robbers are living in a time of pressure and confusion: between those who want to fulfil the desire of Nairobi and those who argue that attempting to operate there within, without doctors or resources, a small civil war. Palermo threat to Helsinki, Tokyo to Palermo, Denver to Tokyo, Bogota to Denver… and Rio to Tokyo. A moment of high tension that is very colorful, but it exemplifies perfectly one of the weaknesses of ‘The house of paper’: his characters are capable of taking any decision that takes the plot to extreme points, pulling the logic out the window.

'The house of paper'

Luckily this knock on effect lasts shortly and, after the revelation on the part of Palermo that Lisbon is dead (no, it is not), the band arrives at the conclusion that the police probably will not save to Nairobi. So the sleep against his wishes. If it comes with life, you may not wake up very happy.

In a flashback to the time of the preparation of the robbery, Tokyo returns to take their impulsiveness to the fore. And also their sexualitya part of his personality that the series is obsessed beyond what is healthy. Suddenly Tokyo wants to be the head of the band, a resource that the series was already in its second part, when she rebelled against Berlin. The character of Úrsula Corberó continues to be the easy resource of the writers to advance the plot.

We return to the present, when the Teacher and Marseille start “phase 2 of Hameln”in reference to the tale of the pied piper that led all the mice of the infested city: while the first talks by telephone with Sierra, the second makes you think the police that the call is in a car speeding down the road of Huelva. The police bites the hook. The Teacher does not hang before him Saw a threat: “Before we leave the Bank of Spain, you will be fulminada”. Let us note this promise. Sierra, forced by Tamayo, offered a truce of 48 hours. Meanwhile, Marseille star the car the police will look for during the next few hours.

'The house of paper'

The arrest of Rachel leads to his reunion with Angel, one of those small moments of characters in ‘The house of paper’ do not usually abound. The friendship between the two was very important in the first season, and their meeting, without rancor of any part of it, it is touching and reminds us that there are real people behind these masks of Dali. “I already know that you did it for love”with it , he says. It would be good that she would have responded that he did it for other things, because we remember that they didn’t throw your life away just for a man.

Within the Bank of Spain, we see how the band is prepared to treat the medically wounded: have tried the surgical process with dead pigs, have all the equipment needed, and have the help via video call from a surgeon in pakistan. Tokyo with a scalpel, what can go wrong? Meanwhile, Denver is looking for donors of the blood group of Nairobi among the hostages. Returns Belén Cuesta, who clearly recorded afterwards their planes inserted at the end of Part 3 and now we will see how it integrates your character into the plot. For the moment not looking good for the band, because his expression suspicious and their willingness to be involved suggests that it is a mole. Does a topo of the police, or the opposite?

A wedding and a separation

A flashback shows the wedding of Berlin in Italy, while preparing the heist with the Teacher, Palermo, Bogota and Marseille. With launched of bouquet included (that sets out the Teacher) and a version of ‘Ti Amo’ by Umberto Pozzi with gregorian chants, it is probably one of the scenes more matter that have been filmed in the entire history of television. Every time I see Berlin in love and trying to be adorable I am reminded of the man who raped and abused women in the first seasons. Have you forgotten writers?

'The house of paper'

Luka Buts have in this chapter more minutes than in the rest of the series to the full, since Marseille is the one who rescues the Professor, both physically and emotionally: the scene of the two men in the car talking about feelings is funny (when they sound The Frets, this really is Spain Brand in an international series) and adorable, although it is seeing two criminals bitter cry of grief. It’s a little odd to make a comparison between losing a girlfriend and a dog, but not out of place within the show of testosterone unleashed that has been the series from the first minute.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Monica and Denver is still breaking down. The heavy Arturito volunteers to donate blood, despite not being of the Nairobi group, while he whispers poison to Denver to the ear. To make matters worse, tells the episode of the bath in which he had an erection next to Monica, one of the most uncomfortable and vulgar of all of ‘The house of paper’. Denver falls into the trap and just giving him a beating, showing his side more violent and wild, Monica, who can’t stand up to a lot more. “What the fuck you have inside?”asks , perhaps forgetting that they met in a robbery and that you are speaking with an offender.

A back-loaded tension, and that, of course, will end with a cliffhanger to keep you hooked to the sofa. While the gold is melting in the bunker of the Bank of Spain, the operation of Nairobi continues. But just at the worst moment, when Tokyo has to cut a part of the lung (what there was nobody more suited for this task?), the Police intercepted the video call with the surgeon and the short. And it will continue.

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