‘The house of paper’: Bethlehem Costs gives us the keys of your character (and why you chose to accept it)


Beware of SPOILERS!

This interview reveals details of episode 4×05 ‘The house of paper’. If you have not reached that point, we do not recommend its reading.

And finally, Belén Cuesta opened the mouth. After appearing suddenly as a hostage in some planes of the Part 3 of ‘house of paper’, we have been for months speculating on what would be his mysterious character in the series of Netflix. And throughout the first half of Part 4, the unknown has not been solved. But in the fifth episode, at the end, the series of Álex Pina has brought us out of doubts: Cost plays Julia, a member of the Resistance infiltrated among the hostages in order to keep an eye on them. In this interview we had with the actress via video call speaks to us of the keys of his character.

Julia, whose nickname as a atracadora of the band is Manila is a person of the past of Denver and Moscow, which, according to Hill, is going to give game “on the emotional plane” because it is a “tipa that will have its comic point but that he has fought for his happiness, and it is strong”.

In addition, the recent winner of a Goya for ‘The trench’ infinite god has spoken to us of what other than that has been rolling out a series of action. “Always that wheels something different from what you’re used to, it is very nice to see. You see all the specialist equipment that they have, and how to take care of absolutely everything. And how for a given plane there is a team of professionals behind, and of course the times are slower”. But Costs ensures to have gone very well: “it’s very fun, and very cool to see how it’s done”.

'The house of paper'

Will there be controversy?

One of the features of Manila is that is a transsexual woman, something that Costs that have “a positive character, is made from the absolute respect and gives visibility for being the series that it is and get to all the sites that comes.”

However, in recent years we have seen several controversial because actors cisgénero interpreted characters transgender: it happened with Scarlett Johansson, who dropped a project in development after a lot of criticism, or with Paco León, who plays a transsexual woman in ‘house of flowers’. Precisely in another series from Netflix, ‘Paquita Rooms’, Belén Cuesta participated in an episode of the third season in which the Javis analyzed this complex problem, talking about the lack of work have the actors and actresses transgender. Cost is one of the actresses more occupied Spain at this time, do you hesitate before accepting the role?

“The first thing I wanted to know is why and how we were going to do, and always will debate and question, and I spoke with friends trans that I have”, tells the interpreter, ensuring that it was the “absolute respect” for the producer around the topic which convinced her. “Then there is also the debate that I am a woman cis and I am a trans-woman but I do not let being a woman doing it to a woman, he argues. “I understand perfectly the struggle of the community of actors and actresses trans, but this is because actresses trans to make trans women, and vice versa”.