The mess of bed of Jorge Javier Vázquez with this famous of Spain married


Jorge Javier Vázquez

April 03, 2020
(13:20 CET)

Since ended the relationship between Jorge Javier Vázquez and her ex-boyfriend Paco, the presenter of Telecinco has not been closed to love. There was a stage at which they are detained with himself, holding onto the mourning of the relationship so wonderful that he had lived. But at the end of the month returned to action. The Badalona it is not that you lose the time.

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Paco

He himself has acknowledged on more than one occasion on the small screen, as well as in the articles that you write in the blog than you have in the magazine Readings or in your account Instagram.

Time of containment

Andl confinement does not allow you to Jorge Javier any relationship in these moments. The Mediaset not the play to get the damn coronavirus and remains outside of any relationship.

However, it is already gearing up for next summer. So he did know the Catalan language in the above blog that he writes in the journal heart. “If I get it this summer, does not escape me alive,” he said recently in regard to an affair that remained a few months. Jorge Javier he confessed that he had kept some run-ins with a well-known argentine footballer.

The revelation of Jorge Javier Vázquez

It happened in Alicantein an era that was not as well known. “People only you sounded my face, but knew not very well why,” he started counting the communicator. “how I had little seen, it was like finding a needle in the haystack. Now afraid to open the refrigerator will not be staying with me inside of a can of tuna”, he added.

jorge javier vázquez in the theatre

And continued by telling that they looked at the player and they came by the passion. Without saying a word, the player would have caught hold of the hand and would have taken it. “I remember as one of the beautiful things that I take of the hand to accompany me to the bathroom. There, now I noticed that there was something going on. Took Me in car to the hotel. We look at each other very much,” he continues recounting the Catalan.

However, Jorge was left wanting. “What is certain is that after the glances nothing happened”, concluded in his history of fleeting.

Yes: as was said, the presenter of Survivors he warned that the next time will not escape: “If I get it this summer, does not escape me alive.”