The message of Hailey Baldwin to his aunt Hilaria Baldwin, after the loss of your baby


Hilaria Baldwin he shared this week a very sad news
through their social networks: the baby I was expecting had died at four months of gestation. “We are very sad to share that today
we learned that our baby died. We also want you to know that although not
it may be well at this time, we will be. We are very fortunate with our
4 healthy babies and never will lose sight of it”
said the woman Alec

The marriage has four children: Carmen, Rafael,
Leonardo and Romeo
, and looked forward to the arrival of a baby girl. A terrible
time by the Hilaria has received a lot of support, as for example, the
his niece, Hailey Baldwin.

The woman Justin Bieber I sent him this message: “I’m so sorry. I love you, guys”, what Hilaria answered him with a
heart. A difficult time that, without a doubt, his four children, will help you
to overcome.

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