The passionate kiss of Bad Bunny dressed as a woman and his girlfriend Gabriela


itBad Bunny and his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri no longer hiding their love! Although for years the couple have taken their relationship in full discretion, from the past month of February have not stopped giving free rein to passion, and have become one of the couples favorite in the world of Latin music.

Since they were seen enjoying a match of the NBA in the American Airlines Arena on the eve of the release of their second album album of the puerto rican, YHLQMDLGthe two young people have not been able to hide his happiness and we have seen share their first photos together on Instagram and during the quarantine.

Now, however, the Rabbit Bad has gone a step further and has raised the temperature of the social network with a burning kiss starring both.

But yeah, this is not a kiss either because of the hot moment was captured during the recording of the video clip I dirty dancing, single, in which the singer is dressed as a woman to launch a strong feminist message, and with that same costume appears on kissing your girlfriend.

In the audiovisual can be seen as a Bad Bunny comes out of the bathroom while your girl heads directly towards him, at that time both begins to give an intense kiss that ends in laughter.

Without a doubt, the sense of humor is an ingredient that is not lacking in this couple, that in the last few weeks also had a lot of fun to their fans with their occurrences to make in the quarantine.

“Forgive me but I had to do it”, wrote the interpreter to accompany this video, which in just a few hours, surpasses 13 million views and 80 thousand comments. itWow!

While the singer has been on the social networks with the ardent kiss with Gabriela, the owner of his heart, the clip I dirty dancing, single not to add reproductions.

Just a week of its release exceeds 61 million views. What you haven’t seen it yet?

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