The photo of Esther Expósito (Elite) in the bed that triumphs (and this is why I teach)

April 03, 2020
(13:14 CET)

Esther Expósito is one of those celebrities that dominates as few social networks. And is that, as a good millennial, the actress has grown up with them and understands and manages its language and its concepts as the best.

In fact, we just need to keep an eye on your account Instagram and their stories to see how it has managed to reach to attracting more of 15 million followers. A few followers who worship Esther and they know that, even in difficult times as now, Expósito always has a very good face and optimism is enviable.

His last publication is, in fact, is a good example of this. A video in which we see singing and hoping to be able to go dancing with their friends once the end of this quarantine. “Wow, what a desire I have of perrear at the end of the confinement. A day less, mood” notes Esther alongside the images.

The photo of Esther Expósito

However, as much as this video has had a lot of impact and generated a lot of comments on the networks, has been one of the images that has appeared on one of the accounts managed by his followers and devoted to her which has left many without words.

And is that it is one of those images that, as you well point to many of their faithful, evidence that “Esther is one of the most sensual women in the world”. An image that corresponds to a session of photos in which the actress Elite promoting a perfume, and it does stretched out on the bed with a video session in which Expósito appears “beautiful”.

As it was expected to be and who one is, and the perched on concrete, the comments have exploded. “This girl every day I like more”, “I love it because it is beautiful but at the same time it is very natural”, “A beauty inside and out”, “Brutal”, “The best campaign of perfumes of the story”, “I adore You” or “If you can’t be prettier than this woman by God” are some of the many opinions in this regard.