‘The Simpsons’ will be available in Disney+ in its original format


Logically bands side black would have been out of tune in the middle of that picture so “clean” by the who has bet Disney+, a platform that aspires to the visual quality of their content is more appealing, but the alternative has disappointed many fans. The case is that ‘The Simpsons’, my dear FOX series that happen to be part of the catalog of the mouse after the purchase of the company, was born when things were quite different, and, as the daughter of its time, it comes with a look other than that they look the current productions. Yes, we talk about the relationship aspect, that it looked when it opened in the late 80’s, that is not the same that can now be seen in Disney+.

  'The Simpsons' in Disney+

“All the standard episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in Disney+ are cut to fit the full screen format which means that we lose many jokes, visual as Duff, Duff Lite and Duff Dry all come from the same tube”so simple and visually explained by a fan with the aim of making understand to the platform that while cutting they had achieved an image is homogeneous, to pass that way from 4:3 to 16:9 makes no sense none. Well, the complaint of this and for many other users, it has been heard! “We appreciate the patience of our fans and we are working to ensure that the 19 first seasons (and part of the 20) of ‘The Simpsons’ available in 4:3 Disney+. We hope that this will be so to the end of mayhas tuiteado the official account in its English version, which soon has continued to his eponymous Spanish. So also in our country we will enjoy of the above-mentioned change everything seems to suggest it will fail at the same time in those territories in which it is available the series.

Everything else, well

More or less that is the reading after the couple of weeks and little that brings Disney+ available in our country. The complaint concerning ‘The Simpsons’ was the one most hurt in the middle of a fantasy world that has allowed many to escape to the difficult reality in which we are immersed because of the pandemic of coronavirus. That is, if, for a lot of the classics and the series of Disney Channel of all the life they have been received with more enthusiasm, the platform comes with the original contents snugly and making an effort absurd that nothing disturbs the least that tone of “suitable for all the family”. Here an analysis of this new contender in the world of streaming: