THE TEASING AGAIN – The terrible spelling error in a VTV that became viral in social networks


Journalists of VTV ensure that they tried to “bulnerar” the sovereignty of the venezuelan people.

Again the channel Venezolana de Television and their journalists are a cause of mockery on the social networks, because they are continually committing errors that the magnifying glass of the internet users can’t skip and always end up exposed in the community 2.0.

The things in the channel of the venezuelan state have been a little strained since she learned the news that the u.s. government is offering a large reward of between 15 to 10 billion by Nicolás Maduro and some of its closest allieswho are accused of drug trafficking.

For this reason, both Mature as Diosdado Cabello have been throwing many audios where they talk about how think face Trump in a given case meet the second threat made, to increase the security in the coastal countries to prevent the passage of drugs to the united States.

It was here where one of the owners, that they launched while a couple of journalists exposed the case, that the production of the newscast made a terrible mistake that ended up on Instagram.

The owner was praying “They tried to bulnerar national sovereignty” when the word is written correctly “violate”.

The comments did not wait, and many accuse the journalists of not to have paid attention in college classes.

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