The times in which the cinema is done in isolation


Well, Yes, there is a further two weeks were locked up in the house, if all goes well. An insulation that never seems to end: “What year is it? What day is it?” he would have sung, Lucio Battisti. But do we really believe are the only ones to whom it happened?
The cinema, once again, is here for smentirci: here is a list of movies whose characters were, in turn, forced the insulation in a house or even a room, a unique game worlds for the duration of the movies.

The angel exterminator (1962)

“The angel exterminator”, a scene from the movie – web-image

The work of the surrealist master Luis Buñuel, The angel exterminator she plays in a room “prisoner” of its guests. The civil sopraggiuntivi for dinner, in fact, do not end with the exit of the lounge, where the meal is consumed.
The cut of the surrealist film is paralyzed, a critique of a reactionary bourgeoisie from the soul, and therefore prisoners of the institutions.

The Cube (1997)

“The Cube”, a scene from the movie – web-image

Cube the movie is nothing more than a room (or, better, a series of spaces) of the form cubic, to break out of those seven characters have to try. It all takes place on puzzles and deadly traps. But as I finished the Cube and what’s outside? We can’t know, but it’s interesting, pay attention to a curiosity: the names of the characters correspond to those in various prisons in the world.
In fact, we have Kazan (a prison in Russia), David Worth and Joan Leaven (criminal Leavenworth, USA), and Holloway (Holloway Women’s Prison institution in the United Kingdom). Quentin McNeil has your first and last name of two prisons: San Quintino and McNeil Island Correction Center, Usa. Rennes, however, is also the name of a prison in French, while Alderson is a prison of the Americans.

You and I (2012)

“You and I” – a scene of the film – web-image

The last film by Bernardo Bertolucci, based on the eponymous novel by Niccolò Ammaniti, You and I it is the story of Lorenzo (Jacopo Olmo Antinori) and his self-imposed isolation for a week in the basement of the house. But scombussolargli the plans Olivia (Tea Falco), the half-sister of addict, ten years older.
After the initial inhibitions, the two riavvicineranno and in just a week / a relationship of sincere and pure, in which no one, neither the one nor the other will feel wrong or judged place.

The Hateful Eight (2015)

“The Hateful Eight”, a scene from the movie – web-image

As the title says, is this western from Tarantino to share a ensemble cast of “eight people, forced the hated”, see the rooms for a small supermarket on the way.
As in all the works of tarantiniane, hold on, and soon begins a game to the massacre based on the tradition of the literature-yellow: you are, in fact, the references to one of the masterpieces of Agatha Christie, Ten little Indiansthe guests of a villa to start on an island and are murdered one after the other.

mother! (2017)

“mother!” a scene from the movie – web-image

A drama of horror and exciting Darren Aronofsky signed. mother! the low course in the direction of the foolishness of a woman (Jennifer Lawrence) caught in his own beloved home, the helpless, the destruction by strangers helps.
An allegory, who, constantly abused, mother earth, the true home.

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