Time | Free Time | Osmariel Villalobos confirmed their divorce from Juan Pablo Galavis (+Publication)


Osmariel Villalobos and Juan Pablo Galavis formed one of the most famous couples of the showbiz venezuela / Photo: Instagram (@osmariel)

The cheerleader venezuela Osmariel Villalobos confirmed, via a posting on social networks, that she and Juan Pablo Galavis have put an end to your marital relationship and confirmed the rumors of divorce.

According to The Periodiquito, Villalobos posted on his account of Instagram a photograph of her in a bathing suit with the message “we’re divorced!”. In turn, he assured that it will not remove the photos of her with Galavis, saying that “I believe that thanks to my past I am the person of the present (much more mature and with more experience) but I agree and understand your decision,” wrote Villalobos.

“Happy endings in the stories of Disney are my favorites and I grew up yearning to marry a prince, have a beautiful home, a family and eventually a HAPPY ENDING, even though my marriage was not, at all well, I thank God for letting me live this experience and to continue staying in my hope that at some point, be able to live that fairy tale,” he added.

No grudges

He said, furthermore, that you want to close this chapter in the same way it began, with love, and that both tried to be happy for each other.

He took the opportunity to inform you that this is the only comment that I will make with regard to your relationship with Galavis.

“This will be the only thing that I will publish and I will say with regard to this topic. Thank you,” he concluded.

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