Tom Holland looks torso making the challenge of putting on a t-shirt doing a handstand


While we follow quarantine, we continue to look for new things to kill the time at home. The ones that are a little active will be a bit worse at not being able to go out to play sports, but you can do the exercise perfectly at home. There are a myriad of boards and tips to get in shape this quarantine. Or you can do as Tom Holland, and sign up to every challenge that is offered to.

Tom Holland

The “challenge” so fashionable in the generation of YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, are very much being protagonists in during the pandemic of the COVID-19, and Tom Holland has already made a few. In the past has been able to demonstrate his talent acrobatic and athletic, and a little bit of his skills as Spider-Man. It consists of wearing a t-shirt while doing the pine leaning on the wall.

After finishing with success, as in every challenge, Holland nominates the following that should try to do the same in their houses: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and his friend Harrison Osterfield. Gyllenhaal has already responded, confused at the idea of the challenge: What is the challenge? Do you breathe hard without t-shirt?.

Days before, Holland had already pointed to the challenge of doing pull-ups, and basically nominated everything the Movie Universe Marvel. As he says in his account of Instagram to his brothers: “Guys, I’m bored”. At least you will not lose the physical form if it continues.

Take advantage of the boredom

The last thing we know of the projects Tom Holland is that they have been severely affected by the pandemic coronavirus. In fact, the confinement was taken on the first day of filming of ‘Uncharted’, which was to take place in Berlinuntil it was postponed. Is also paralyzed the pre-production of ‘Spider-Man 3’. It’s going to be very busy when you leave your house, so you better take advantage of the boredom.