ULTRA HOT – Goddess-Channel conducted a live presentation to Televisa (+VIDEO)


Goddess Channels is driving his career towards internationalization so that was visiting the studios of Televisa.

The vedette venezolana Goddess Channels continues to cause sensations around the world and promoting his career as a singer, together with her husband Sigi Cash. The creole had the opportunity to make a presentation on the tv program Sabadazo, Televisawhere he danced and sang to the beat of their own music and went crazy over one with his body sheathed in a dress two-piece with a lot of glitter and neckline.

To Goddess this was a great opportunity to be able to represent your country abroadalso that is a very good opportunity to boost his reputation outside of Venezuela and Colombiawhich are the countries where your audience has increased in recent years.

“My time has come. Proud of being able to represent Venezuela and grateful with Mexico for always opening up their doors”, he expressed the interpreter of the Poor in their social networks.

In the audiovisual material that we can see the great presentation that you made to the program on live television, with several dancers on the scene that complemented the whole show for the viewing public.

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