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April 03, 2020
(12:22 CET)

The series no longer being consumed at the television. Viewers don’t want advertising or schedules. For this reason, the decline in audiences has been shocking and catastrophic. However, it does not mean that his followers have been left aside, on the contrary, like very much, always and when the den platforms in streaming. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney or Atresplayer Premium.

The fictions of Atresmedia are a guarantee of success. Not successful in the chain, but once that slip on Netflix what petan. Proof of this is The house of paper and recently Toy Boy. The thriller of the strippers is number one in visualizations in half the world. The accounts of Instagram of the protagonists does not stop growing and there is already talk of recording a second season, although it will be decided when the situation improves.

If there is someone who reigns in this fiction that is Cristina Brown. The actress, popular for series such as When you leave class, or The looming, has adopted a role that is totally different. Wealthy, powerful and glamorous, so is his person. However she in real life looks completely different. Close and without so many hoaxes. The natural.


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As all the Spanish Cristina Castaño, who has seen their projects were cancelled, remains in the house. And there does not need dressing up with fancy dresses or makeup. What is more important is the reflection. Is it necessary to always be made up? A question for Gema Lopez, who does not cease to retouch and can not go without makeup or in their photos or on the street. Its more than a million followers applaud this gesture and recognize that you are gorgeous.