Why Cristina Pedroche or Rita Ora will always have hard boiled eggs in the bag?


Indeed, the hard-boiled eggs, and especially the clear, it has a great contribution of proteins, very low in fatand calories, which has become an indispensable partner for many celebrities who want to maintain their figure, nibble between meals ‘snacks’ healthy.

It is a classic of the athletes, made tortillas, egg whites and others, but also actresses, singers or presenters, as Cristina Pedroche, Rita Ora or Jennifer Aniston, lead clear of hard-boiled egg in the bag.

Recently, Cristina Pedroche shared a Stories showing what he was carrying in the bag, these healthy snacks, loaded with proteinto stay strong and be able to assist the muscle building, without adding excess fat or cholesterol to your diet.

In addition to the hard-boiled egg, Cristina brings nuts like raw almonds or walnuts: “I always have hard-boiled eggs and nuts in the bag, so whenever I get the itch, as well”, he says.

Cristina Pedroche shows the hard boiled eggs with nuts that carry on bag

Cristina Pedroche shows the hard boiled eggs with nuts that carry on bag / Instagram @cristipedroche

But also singers like Rita Ora are fond of this curious snack: “I always take egg whites with salmon every morning. If not, I take hard-boiled eggs with salmon”.

Even Jennifer Aniston, who we saw spectacular at the Golden Globes.

But also Nicole Kidman is a major consumer of this type of product, as a result, become a very important part of your diet: I ate an egg for breakfast, another for lunch, and one more at the dinner.

But be careful, because in those quantities, it has to be only the clear (as if it would not be an excess of eating three yolks per day), but to base your diet on one food as well, nor is it healthybecause even though you have a high intake of protein, has hardly any nutrients.