“You try to destroy his career” (+PHOTO)


Niurka Marcos critical to the stylist of Adamari Lopez for allegedly not advising in a good way, the image of the driver.

The renowned actress and singer of mexican origin Niurka Marcosas is usual, caused a stir on social networks after that is out with all in against the adviser of the image of Adamari López as to the vedette, the cheerleader does not look well-favoured with his look.

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Through his account of IG, Niurka Marcos hung a picture in which Adamari appears wearing a skirt asymmetric yellow and a flannel, wide, white in color. In this sense, the mexican repudiated the elections of stylist of the presenter to leave this last use that type of garments desfavorecedoras “Please, we need to zoom out dramatically, and with absolute urgency to Adamari of its designer, is a hostile and dangerous for your image, tries to destroy his career”wrote the controversial actress.

It should be noted that, up to the time Adamari López has not ruled with respect to the situation, nor has it sent any kind of response to the revelations of the blonde.

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