Adele frightens off with a radical change in your face is another


U.S.— The singer Adele shocked everyone in social networks, to show off a face completely different to the one that we used to remember.

And even though your new image could be due to the loss of weight, several netizens do not rule out the idea that you have visited to a surgeon.

A Adele completely different

While Adele is famous for her extraordinary voice, also drew a lot of attention to its appearance in the early days of his career, than to remember comes to mind a woman very chubby.

However, after a time he began to lose weight, achieving a slimmer appearance, that gave him more security and confidence.

Why the radical change of Adele?

Adele wears a different face and more thin due to weight loss, same that it originated after divorcing the father of her child, and with whom he had a marriage of seven years.

The british singer shared a picture alongside Santa Claus, in his account of Instagram. And in that publication Adele looks unrecognizable.

According to Daily Mail, Adele has lost over 9 kilograms from following the diet Sitfood, which begins with a consumption of thousand calories a day, and is stabilized at 500 thousand.

Concerned about their health

When you see the image that she shared and other photos filtered networks, fans of Adele, they issued their concern in the comments, where you asking if he was okay.- With information from Daily Mail.

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