Alexa Dellanos their rear beyond the limits of what is attractive


Daughter of the famous host Myrka Dellanos, Alexa Dellanos was surprised once more to his followers showing off their huge rear.

So constant shares daring pictures and videos showing their sculptural body leaving probably more in love to his two million followers.

The model 27 years in the post you shared is really calm, and even offers some advice that many can follow, thus avoiding a contagion.

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“The job is canceled, but life goes on”, is one of the phrases that accompanies your publication where you highlighted his attributes.

“Young man, I want to publicize the fact that, although it may survive if I am diagnosed with Covid-19, could infect someone who will not. I am doing everything possible to take the necessary precautions against this pandemic. Sending love to all those personally affected by Coronavirus. God bless you all.” finished the model.

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It seems that the pandemic has the whole world on alert, and is that cade once more it appears new cases, the media are covering within your chances any news related to the coronavirus.

In the publication of Alexa you can see that you are using a black top together with grey pants in addition to a cover mouths and gloves black.

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The photography already has 78 thousand red heartsdespite not having a full day of being posted, in the comment box you can see that the first is of the beautiful model Demi Rose, who told him using two emojis with the eyes of heart, indicating that he liked a lot of the publication.

The now popular model stands out for its shocking physicalhowever she is also an actress and businesswoman, so it is one of the greatest prides of her mother, who supports her at all times.

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