Ana Layevska is a mom for the second time, please Share the first photo of your baby!


Ana Layevska has become a mom for the second time and has shared the first photo of their new baby, although still has not revealed the name of the new little member of your family.

Ana Layevska is a mom for the second time, please Share the first photo of your baby!

The Instagram of Ana Layevska

Through its official account, Ana Layevska he announced to his million followers on the social network and the world, with a beautiful baby photo and a message about the current crisis coronavirus in the middle of which was born the small.

  • “In these times of fear, uncertainty, change, you get you as a promise that all will be well and that we expect better times. Welcome to this world where surely you’ll live it in another way, much more human and aware”.

The little baby of Ana Layevska was born on the 30th of march, as clarified in his account of Instagram, the actress, who received the congratulations of other famous.

“God will take care of you and bless you. Congratulations!”wrote the actress Victoria Ruffo with whom she starred in “The Stepmother” in addition to having a emotional reunion just a few days ago.

The family of Ana Layevska

Ana Layevska 38 years of age and born in Kiev, Ukraine, is one of the faces more recognizable in the mexican soap operas, who made his debut in the genre in 1997 with “Any time we have wings”.

In 2014, Ana Layevska married with the entrepreneur, Rodrigo Moreira in a moving ceremony that took place at the Hacienda San Antonio del Puente, in Morelos.

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In December of 2017, was born their first daughter, Masha, who does not seem to have taken the news of the new baby very well, according to his own, Ana Layevska.

  • “It is very curious, because when I made the decision to want to get pregnant again Masha started to behave weird. It was like very jealous and difficult, was making tantrums. They say that what they perceive before.”