Another Roll back to life thanks to the coronavirus


Users of social networks have been amazed to see all the members of the program Another Roll meet to send an emotional message the mexican people about the importance of stay at home to continue preventing the spread of coronavirus in our country.

Adal Ramones and their ex-partners of the program have wanted to join forces to motivate the people of not leaving the house unless it is necessary due to the coronavirus has managed to have a great impact in Mexico, given to know that there are 1688 confirmed cases and recorded 60 deaths from the disease.

In the video that has already become the trend of social networks you can see Gaby Platas, Consuelo Duval, Yordi Rosado, Roxana Castellanos, Adal Ramones, and Mauricio Castillo talk about the situation in Mexico these days, and for the relief of their fans, we must highlight that every who recorded his participation separately.

Another Roll back to life thanks to the coronavirus.

Members of Another Roll sent message on Twitter

With the hashtag #estenoesunrollomás, Mauricio Castillo shared on her Twitter account, this video with a text which invites people to assist people with labour issues can not follow the sanitary measures but he stressed that if one can stay at home, don’t hesitate to contribute to eradicating the impact of coronaviruses in Mexico.

“What we are going to share is not a roll over”, mentions Adal Ramones in the video.

“To contain the virus is to prevent it from spreading more, and the main recommendation is very simple, #QuédateEnCasa”, added Eduardo Spain.

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Another Roll back to life thanks to the coronavirus.

During the two minutes that lasts your video, we can see the ex-members of Another Roll to give recommendations on the activities that can be done during this time of quarantine and avoid falling into the despair, anxiety and boredom that leads to be locked up in the same place for a period long of time.

Photos: Televisa