‘Artemis Fowl’ cancels its premiere in movie theaters and debut directly on Disney+


The new calendar of premieres of Disney’s post-coronavirus, we can draw several conclusions. It is positive that they believe that the cinemas will work in a way that is practically normal in June for the premiere of ‘Soul’. It is a pity, though, that movies like ‘Jungle Cruise’ have delayed its release an entire year due to the impossibility of finding a gap in the months that remain in 2020, with the strategy on the head.

Artemis Fowl

But the biggest victim of this movement of the tabs is ‘Artemis Fowl’. The film has gone released on may 29 in cinemas to cancel its theatrical release. The company has decided that it will release directly on its streaming platform, Disney+. They have not announced, that yes, when will it be available.

The case of ‘Artemis Fowl’ is curious because it could have given to new franchise to have gone well. The movie is based on a series of eight novels written by Eoin Colfer, centered on a 12 year old child who is a genius criminal. The world of books is populated by magical creatures like fairies, elves, demons or trolls.

Less pressure

The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh and the cast, with names of the likes of Judi Dench, Josh Gad or Colin Farrell. However, the first advances of the film they were taking the conversation more a case of ‘Tomorrowland: The world of tomorrow’ or ‘A fold in time’, which did not work precisely at the box office. A launch in streaming takes pressure to ‘Artemis Fowl’, but will probably leave it without the possibility of continuation (unless it becomes a phenomenon). What you wanted to see it in cinemas?