As God brought the world!


April 03, 2020
(12:18 CET)

Emily Ratajkowski is knowing how to make an extraordinary match to the social networks during this quarantine. And that is the model american has opted to roll over on Instagram during these days. Probably because it is a source of entertainment but, as is well known by its followers, is a very good way of remaining connected with their millions of followers.

A publication shared Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) the

And the truth is that it is doing more than well. And is that Emily has decided to put the legs up the social networks with different publications in which, as usual, tend to pull the sensuality that has always been catheterized and that so many successes it has generated.

The photo of Emily Ratajkowski

But eye is because, apart from being one of the celebrities who, with their photos and their videos, the more likes you are generating and more comments are causing on the social networks in these days, also serving as a source of inspiration.

And is that there has not been another artist Rachelle Cunning the who has decided to take a photo of the model appears as God brought the world and make of it a work of art.

To do this has become to show his peculiar style and he has covered the most sensitive parts of the body Emily with flowers. A publication that, since then, it seems that you have been delighted to own Ratajkowski.

In fact, many of his followers have taken with her thanks to that has been Emily the one that has hung in their stories. A work of art has also generated many comments on the social networks.

Comments such as “It’s great”, “If the original photo was bestial, this adaptation seems to me even better”, “it Is very beautiful Rachelle, congratulations”, “luckily for this artist, Emily Ratajkowski has many photos as well, so that has material leftover to continue working” or “A beauty” as they fly through the social networks.