Come to light more images of the ‘new’ Adele: concerned about their thinness


The expectations created around Adele it is maximum since we know that is on the verge of get a new theme. Such is the interest that they have their fans listen to their new song, follow all the steps that he gives his idol. It is for this reason that everything that has to do with her gives back to the world very fast.

[+] So was Adele prior to his surprising physical change

A few weeks ago appeared some pictures of the singer in london in which she looked much thinner than in his last public appearances. According to published british media, the interpreter of ‘Hello’ would have lost more than 30 pounds, something that was on display with the photographs.

Well. Now, just a few weeks after these images that shocked the fans of the singer, a few ‘paparazzi’ have returned to hunt down the English with their new figure. In the snapshots you can see Adele coming out of a car with black clothing and sports a hat of the Nike brand.

The weight loss of the singer is so evident that many have been those who have worried about their physical appearance. A large amount of their fans have written on the publication stating that “every time I see new photos of Adele saddens me more,” or “that’s not it.”