Coronavirus: solidarity and descriptive, the new songs deal with the pandemic


Rita Ora

“I’m not going to write my album more mature,” says


in the midst of his song “My little Chernobyl”, a topic that was just published a couple of hours. And at the end finishes off with a: “What will come after the years dead”. Very apocalyptic has been since, with this piece just out of the oven. In reality, the topic was presented live, at the end of last year, in Madrid. What now comes is the studio version with its corresponding video.

Since the age of 14 was chosen to become Mattie Ross of

True Grit

(film by the Coen brothers),

Hailee Steinfeld

you can go checking the pulse of his artistic career, and toggle the action with the music. Now is music time. Just throw the clip of “I Love You’s”, with a blink to the version of Annie Lennox who, in reality, it was also a version inspired by the original by The Lover Speaks, “No More (I Love You s)”. Nothing new under the sun.

“How to be Lonely”

(like being single).

Rita Ora

premiered the video of this song that, by its title, seems to be a kind of self-help to handle loneliness in these times that you must stay at home to prevent the spread of


. But you do not have to do with that. The letter he wrote to his friend Lewis Capaldi talks about his travels and the distance the affections to which it is mandated by their work. “To travel the world, work and experience different countries, I learned over the years to enjoy my own company and cherish every interaction. This song is inspired in different periods of my life; moments in which I realized that we are all valuable -and that we should appreciate it – and that despite the fact that relationships are important, we do not need the approval of others. When you are alone, remember that you are a self-sufficient and have the strength to make their own choices. Enjoy being yourself!”. Rita was put to the orders of the award-winning videographer Dave Mayers, and posted this clip.

Has a name of star of video game martial, but he is a young man of Vancouver who takes hip-hop as a mode of expression.


just published “Death-Bed coffee for your head)” with the participation of


. The raps and she (Beatrice Kristi Laus) puts his voice aniñada in the service of the song. The issue is one of the most used by users of


. Well worth having a video of his own, though the girl that appears is not Beabadoobee but the bride of Powfu, in the cold urban landscape of Vancouver.

Ricky Martin – Sebastian Yatra.

Without a doubt, one of the strategic partnerships more successful of the Latin music industry. Together reeditaron the topic “Lack of love”, of Yatra, with great success, reproductions, and views, on the 26th of last month. The song had more than 5 million views in three days. Top 5 of the music videos most viewed on YouTube and reached the top of iTunes. To purpose of the song, Ricky said: “Lack of love brings me to my early days with my theme of ‘Return’. Me back to those great ballads that used to sing in the past that touched the hearts of so many people. I can’t wait to sing this live song, because it will be huge! “Lack of Love” is the song that we need right now. We were supposed to launch it in January, but by divine intervention, came out now. The music is beautiful because it provides us with a distraction from everything that’s going on. Lack of Love is precisely the distraction we need.”

Troys Sivan

he also premiered a new song, “Take Yourserlf Home”. In addition, he made a call for artists


of design to participate in the production of visual elements that will accompany the launch. His goal, as he explained, was to provide work in times like these that the pandemic Coronavirus shrink the income of many people.

With 25 years,

Troys is a famous artist, and with quite a lot of preaching on social networks

. On his new song he said: “Take Yourself Home” is one of my favorite songs. It is a kind of talk with yourself and where you are. Dealing with your place in the world. I write these songs, like a diary entry, then, as life-changing and the places and relationships change, songs can acquire a new meaning altogether. Clearly, that has happened with this song, with what is happening in the world at this time.”


that Martin

it is one of the artists that adds to the cause of helping people affected by the


not only the infected. And it does so through the Red Cross, with this song, “A song to life”. 100% of the revenue generated by the song in the different digital platforms will go to the plan “the Red Cross Responds”, aimed to help the people most affected by the COVID-19. Thus joining the campaign #NuestraMejorVictoria, which aims to serve more than 1.350.000 people with the increased mobilization of resources, capacities and staff of the history of the Red Cross, to strengthen its mechanisms of emergency response, health and social inclusion, providing a comprehensive response in all of its areas of action. You can also make donations direct from the web