Daniel Bisogno defends Mario Bautista and SHATTER on social networks


A couple of days ago I got to know that the famous magazine TV Notes published an article in which four young-of-origin tapatio accused the singer Mario Bautista to invite them to a party full of drugs and alcohol for later sexually abusing of them not caring that among the young people assaulted were minors.

And even though time after it was made clear that all these allegations against the singer were totally false and that Mario Bautista has decided to take action on the matter via legal, everything seems to indicate that the scandal still valid in some media.

This issue has been addressed on this occasion within the program Window where they even got the chance to talk with the young people affected so that they can support your version but no one expected that the comments of Daniel Bisogno defending Mario Bautista of the accusations would provoke the anger of the social networks.

Daniel Bisogno defends Mario Bautista and SHATTER in social networks.

Daniel Bisogno defends Mario Bautista in Window

Daniel Bisogno, known in the middle of the show for being one of the drivers main Window, it has become trend of social networks then that will signal that he was in favor of Mario Bautista, and accused the young people of knowing what was going to happen if they went to a party with celebrities.

These comments provoked the wrath of the social networks as Twitter, it is possible to read various reviews where users are lashing out at Daniel Bisogno and accuse him of being a person misogynistic, sexist and harmful that it should not form part of the Window.

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Until the moment do not have any statement on the part of Daniel Bisogno or the production of Window about these attacks that occur in social networks, but it is noteworthy that this is not the first time the driver becomes involved in a controversy for his reckless comments about topics covered in the program.

Photos: Twitter, TV Notes and Instagram @bisognodaniel