David Bustamante very angry. Skip the quarantine, and it does. I reported to the police!


David Bustamante

April 03, 2020
(12:28 CET)

David Bustamante and Paula Echevarría they still look for their daughter Daniella. During this quarantine is spending a few days with her and the others with him. That’s why situations happen as they have become angry at both parents, and has denounced the actress.

Paula Echevarría is bringing out the best of yourself to live this confinement of the best way possible. Try not to fall into routine or boredom. Each day is a new adventure. However, every day you reserve two hours for exercise, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, this active form your body and clears your mind. So he told it in a speech The Anthill recently.

It’s the third week of confinement and the body and the mind begins to weaken, but it is very important to endure till the end so as not to saturate the hospitals more than they already are. Echevarria is not jumping the confinement and is fulfilling it to the letter. However, there are other people who choose not to follow the orders of the Government. It is the case of the paparazzi, categorized as a non-essential.

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Paula Echevarría he has published in his stories Instagram a few photographs of a vehicle that was parked a few meters from the door of his house. According to the Candásthe leads chasing all day. “You see that car? Because it’s following me while I go out to do my errands”, is heard to explain Paula, which asks whether “the confinement is only for some or for all.”

And continues: “I think that’s gossip the life of others is not of the first necessity. A little bit of respect. I hope that at least you won’t get off the car and not near me,” he concludes Echevarriawhile you zoom in on the license plate of the vehicle. An unpleasant episode that has angry up to Bustamante. The your child can be the object of harassment does not make any grace.

A scare beast before which, however, Echevarria it shows strong and determined. And listening to them, it is better that the individual not leave the car, since it had been a good scolding. And a photo on the wall Paula.