Do you want to live more? If you do this in meals will reduce your time


Do you want to live more? If you do this in meals will reduce your time

April 03, 2020
(19:58 CET)

One of the things that we are beginning to appreciate a lot in these days of the pandemic coronavirus covid-19 is the life. Many of us are not what we had raised.

However, we are living through an exceptional situation in which we are living with death very near, either by known or by listening to the statistics that they give us on television each morning.

Therefore, if we can do something to lengthen the life always helps and we are able to do so on these days of caring for us. Food can be one of the things that help us.

A very interesting study


According to a study with rats published in the journal Cell and led by the spaniard Juan Carlos Izpisúa, the eat less amount of food you can help our longevity.

The restriction in food seems to which it helps us to protect us at a cellular level anti-agingsomething that is sensed but that has not been done yet in a clear way.

Izpisúa reveals what has caused the study: “The limiting caloric increases the duration of lifebut now we have shown all the changes that occur in a single cell to produce this. This gives us the objectives on which we can act with different medications to treat aging in humans”.

This also it could help to lower the risk of cancer, diabetes or dementia. So to do that in the meals could be very beneficial to your health.