Does the new Anastasiya Kvitko? Alexa Dellanos we have just as big!


Alexa Dellanos has gotten what they wore looking for since it appeared in the section pink, the have compared with the top between the tops the curveswith the immense Anastasiya Kvitko, and that, for her, is reason for celebration.

Or Demi Rose would have occurred to get so close to say that dominates in size and volumebut Alexa is a fearless.

And it may be that the lack of knowledgethe dare for that reason try to and not stay with the desire to be what has pushed the daughter of Myrka Dellanos to try to get to the level of the Russian, and apparently, the results are not bad.

In place of measured curves, Alexa should be a list and try to make good crumbs with Anastasiya, because the bind most of the things that she believes that the separate.

Taste for surgery, fame-based postings, publications subiditas tone and body, obsession and delirium for the XXL size, for the largest, the greatest.

But as in fame what predominates is the envy, and the to keep the post in front of the new ones that come to jump on the bandwagonseems to be the daughter of the journalist, Alexa, has been at the same level as Anastasiya, has increased so much his own that the beholder believes to recognize in her body the curves of the Russian.

And if one is left with doubts, Dellanos has been planted lI leggings tighter than has been found and has made a profile picturethe style Sun Pérez, of which the rear is seen in all its glory and with no possibility to hide anything.

Yes, accompanied by your pet and more affection with it, let’s not think that it is a famous of the most frivolous.