Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and help her small daughter to wash their hands to guard against coronavirus


Hygiene is critical to the pandemic coronavirus and raised awareness about the importance of this, the actor Dwayne Johnson -also known as The Rock– has given a lesson to his little daughter, Tiana Giathat is about to turn two years old.

Father and daughter have created a new habit and each time you are going to shower, the small, is asked to sing one of their songs in the movie Vaiana and while doing so she washes her hands affectionately. Without a doubt, a very original and creative to fill the time while he disinfects the hands.

The charismatic actor has wanted to share a video of how it is its routine of washing, and to highlight the importance of this hygiene habit and, incidentally, to remind all his followers to stay at home.

“While we are confined at home, this is the ritual prior to the shower dad. Now every time I go to take a shower, the small Tia (mama mia) asks me to sing the rap of my song ‘You’re Welcome’ from ‘Vaiana’, while I wash my hands. A few weeks ago we discovered that that piece of the song lasts the right amount of time and makes the smaller ones will have fun washing hands. Take heed and stay at home friends”, has expressed the professional wrestler.

The clip has melted to the fans of the renowned american actor, and there are many who have died of love with this adorable moment between father and daughter. In just a few hours, accumulating over 17 million views. itWow!

But this is not the first time that shows the world how to help your child to wash their hands. A few weeks ago, also went viral with a similar video starring him and the small Tiana Gia. – Sheer tenderness!

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