Fan of Myrka Dellanos insults to Alexa Dellanos and this puts a stop to his offense


The daughter of the tv presenter knows how to defend himself against the insults ugly

Myrka Dellanos is a television personality noted for his work doing journalism. Your daughter Alexa Dellanos has excelled in recent years for its beauty and exotic travel to various parts of the world. Both have a large number of followers who treasure and love you in all that you do.

Before the pandemic coronavirus, Myrka has gone to work in programs Telemundo as “Al Rojo Vivo” and “A New Day”, something that has concerned her daughter. In a recent publication, Alexa congratulated her mom for being professional and “risk his life” to give the news.

Within the publication there was a comment that was rather an offence to Alexa.

“Well, you should learn from the mom. She works and he is not teaching everything on the internet as a prost….”, wrote.

This message is reached to see the model Instagram that she did not hesitate to defend themselves from serious insult.

“I work a lot, like my mom, beautiful,” replied Alexa with class and without offending.