FIRST PAGE in the press conference – “From Italy, marks the 4-3!”. Longo secret: Padre Pio and Angelina Jolie


Burioni, well-known virologist, compares the pandemic to a football game and explained: “From 3-0 to 3-3, but now we have to win”.

“From Italy, marks the 4-3!”. So the headline In the press conference in the issue of today, 4. april 2020, shortly in the kiosk. The daily newspaper in turin, offers an interview with the singer Roberto Burioni this makes a parallel between the epidemic and a football game: “In the first fifteen minutes, we took in three goals, to play then the team is set: 3-1, 3-2, 3-3. Now we have to win, you have to stay home. We are in phase 1. Back on the field? Today, it is impossible to predict when.”

On the first side of the square, of course, for the Assembly of the League and the issues raised: “Cut salaries: Oh, this time Lotito welcomes lambs”the newspaper writes. In the first one also speaks from the beautiful gesture of the Fc: “We love the goddess, 50 thousand euro for Bergamo”the solidarity in the dramatic moments. One also speaks of Longotechnical Turin: “From the dream, from the gas station on Padre Pio, to Angelina Jolie”. Below are reminded, also, the big blows of the market, as Galliani Nesta at Milan.