For them a delight! For them… to be seen as a god. You know the routine Chris Hemsworth to be in the form


Chris Hemsworth is one of the actors most popular of the moment, then give life to the god Thor in the Marvel movies, has become of the thousands of fans who want to be as strong as he is. And to get an idea of what it is to be the god of thunder we’ll leave you the exercise routine the one you’ve got look as well.

According to an interview he gave, he gave his personal trainer, Duffy Gaver, the actor took this routine in the year 2018 for up to 10 kilos of pure muscle. It is a training worthy of a united States marine.

The coach spoke of a disciplined routine that consists of three things: diet, rest and exercise. The intense sessions of shoulder, neck, arms, and legs were focused in the parts of the body that would show on the screen and the molded perfectly to make them look extremely muscular.

To gain mass
muscle quickly the actor lifted weights with different weights in each
repetition, in addition of that the speed is adjusted to not to be a
“routine is classic”.

In your diet included protein and carbohydrate quality, ate 3,500 calories a day. For the filming came to weigh 100 kilos. This was eating: eggs, chicken, oily fish, red meat, protein shakes, broccoli, spinach, kale, brown rice, oats, quinoa, potatoes, butter, avocado, coconut oil and nuts.

Finally had two days of rest, as as they claim to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, it is important for the body to not wear.