“Has died”. The end more tragic for her. Úrsula Corberó very affected


the house of paper úrsula corberó

April 03, 2020
(12:47 CET)

The protagonists of The House of Paper are of congratulations and also all the fans of the series who are in their homes in quarantine, unable to go out. The fiction returns to Netflix with its fourth season. A total of eight chapters that will close the majority of frames open, although will leave in suspense the spectator to return with a fifth and sixth stage.

The series ended with the professor trapped between the sword and the wall, his plan was going to sink in a matter of seconds. Your partner had been captured and, although the viewers know that it is not well, dead. A hoax to put in a check to the thinking mind of this new heist. Far from acobardarle the professor put all the meat on the grill. No matter what happens.

However, the big unknown is to know that will happen with Nairobi, the character played by Alba Flores. Alicia Sierra, Nawja Nimri, handed him a trap and he ended up being shot by a sniper. Was bleeding before the astonished eyes of his band mates that they did not know what to do.

nairobi dead

The spectators were theories of all kinds. There are those who believe that the character could have died, although a protagonist, there is more to see in Berlin, however, this decision was taken because they thought that fiction would not continue. Bogota, Helsinki and Tokyo are moving the body of Nairobi through the interior of the Bank of Spain while the voice in off the character of Úrsula Corberó narrates: “We all have a sniper apuntándonos to the heart, but the terror of truth comes when that bullet is not giving you and leads you ahead to a person that you love”.

Helsinki locates the bullet inside of Nairobi, is behind the seventh rib, in the lower part of the lung. But just at that moment, the bullet wound feels hard to breathe until the point in which he almost drowned and was forced to punzarle the neck, at which point she gives a whiff that you all calm down for a moment. But she can’t, knows that he is very serious and demands that you surrender to the police: “I prefer to live in the prison. I don’t want to die here”.

The band decides not to give after you see how they have killed Lisbon. Therefore, there remains no more remedy that sedarla and do the operation themselves. You have to open, take out the bullet and remove part of the lung. The robbers call for help from a surgeon that is 7,000 kilometers away. The police discover that help from outside and for this reason inhibit the signal. The professor and his band must save the life of Nairobi alone.

After an episode of anxiety it seems that finally they succeed, with success, for the time being.