“Hope”, the touching song of Claudia and Alexis Valdés on the crisis by the coronavirus


The actors cubans Claudia and Alexis Valdés shocked his followers with an emotional poem that is titled Hopewritten and music by him and sung by her, and invites reflection on all that we have learned when the crisis coronavirus finished.

The theme speaks of that, when the current health situation pass and “we are survivors of a shipwreck collective, we will feel blessed for just being alive”, and “once we learn everything that we did not learn”.

Another part of the text expresses that when they lift the quarantine, “we’ll give a hug to the first unknown.”

“We will understand what fragile means to be alive, to feel empathy for the one who is and who is gone”, says the song is in voice of a Claudia touched.

“Because I saw him three times and tears come alone. God protect us and may make us a little better”, “Beautiful, I loved it, I came out in tears,” “I Wish this experience to teach us all this. Oh beautiful poem!”, “The poem is beautiful and gave her a nice melody, thank you for singing it for us”, “I thank you two for each day that we give away”, commented several followers.

Claudia and Alexis Valdés have been maintained giving support to his followers during these difficult times and encouraging them to stay in their homes. The actors even celebrated with cake, candle and dance their first 15 days of quarantineto spread joy to people and encourage them to take this situation with the best humor.

Recently, Alexis dedicated another poem to the health workers of Cuba and the world found in the first line of battle against the pandemic, and to those who are described as “heroes in white coats”.

The pair of artists also he summoned his followers from Miami to join in the applause mass in gratitude to all the workers that are involved in the battle to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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