Hospitalized as an emergency to the rapper Cardi B


The young rapper from the Bronx, Cardi Bwas hospitalized urgently on the night of this Wednesday, in full sanitary contingency for the coronavirusdue to a severe stomach pain.

When he began to circulate information that Cardi B had been rushed to the hospital emergency, many of his followers showed great concern for a possible infection of the coronavirus, but the rapper made it clear that it was a pain I had been experiencing for days.

The artist of dominican descent shared on network the news with his followers: “Honestly, I have been suffering from a very bad stomach pain for 4 days. I went to emergency last night and now I feel better, I hope that tomorrow it will not feel any pain”.

During the month of march, Cardi B became the artist most played on Instagram, with a video that exceeded 28 million views and that became a hit musical.

The own Cardi B, and the task of carrying the music to your video viral, DJ, iMarkkeyz, said that the profits obtained by the video would go to shelters and food banks in the united States.

Some days ago, the singer of 27 years spoke again of his concern for the coronavirus in your profile in Instagram and said that the government should not take this situation lightly. In addition, he asked his followers to take all the precautions and follow the steps to care for your health and the health of others.

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