I Kim Kardashian in a tracksuit! And what you’ll see is very strong. It will blow your mind away!


04 April 2020
(13:50 CET)

The mess mounted in the reality show family Kardashian because of the fight that has existed between Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian is raising a lot of smoke about a growing family separate.

Not like anything that the eldest of the sisters wanted to leave the family and from there he rode a good one that has finish with the popularity of Kim Kardashian at historic lows from 2018.

In fact, it seems that the most famous Kardashian wants to turn the situation taking advantage of the same for promoting a new series.

And it seems that now Kim is on the point of brand new Justice, a project that will take it to the courts. Curious to say the least.

A promotion of questionable taste

It has meant a lot to the premier that made the series with Kim Kardashian walk down the street with his attorneys with a tracksuit that has been qualified as “horrific” by the vast majority of his followers.

The garment is black and wrinkled, the socialite seems not to have liked too and does not help much to its image already damaged.

In the house and with the fear

kim kardashian

The premiere will be this April 5, and Kim Kardashian what you will see from your home where is going the quarantine with a certain fear of what may happen since she is considered a person of a certain risk.

It should be recalled that last year it was diagnósticada a rheumatic disease as it is the lupusthat can have its complications with the coronavirus.