I spent € 1,200 in a day! María Patiño in shock. “Shameful,”


María Patiño coronavirus

04 April 2020
(14:22 CET)

María Patiño is one of the few partners that is kept at the foot of the canyon in Save me. The tertuliana is pending for the last hour of the state of health of Diego Matamoros. The son of Kiko Matamoros confirmed last week that it was suffering from coronavirus. And is living completely alone. Diego has the support of his own. The partner of Save me has been worried about him during these days, but who has been each present day is Laura Matamoros.

The influencer we had all days food ready to leave as little as possible from home and can rest. And is that Laura Matamoros has been found in the kitchen of his great passion, who knows if we might see it soon in MasterChef Celebrity. She has shared the recipe for his followers to dare to make their dishes.

Diego Matamoros follow their recipes and have been encouraged to entertain themselves with any of them. However, the young man had not all the objects to carry out in a simple way the kitchen, that’s why Laura Matamoros has wanted to make a gift. “Thanks Laura,” wrote Diego teaching two large packages.

gift diego of laura matamoros

The influencer has sent you a famous robot of kitchen, known as Thermomix. You no longer have an excuse to cook. With it, you can take the ingredients and prepare rich dishes in a matter of minutes. Its price is 1.199 euros, so the detail that has had Laura with your brother leaves us very surprised. The young man has not hesitated to mount it and show off your best gift in your social networks. Because we want to see your dishes.