I’ll grab kisses! Alexa Dellanos introduces you to his tender “princess”

The followers of Alexa Dellanos love to know in detail the life of your diva and she doesn’t skimp on images. Both their Instagram and in their YouTube page we can see their day-to-day: in the gym, their nights out and even accompany you to the grocery store.

So it is no surprise that now that they have decided to add a new member to your family, celebrity Instagram decide to show at some postcards to their “little princess”: a little cub so tiny that do not compete in size to the attributes of the blonde.

“Truffle Monopoly”, as it has been dubbed, is a small bullgog French tricolor, to which the daughter of Myrka Dellanos full of kisses and apapachos. In addition, the dog has its own page in Instagram. It is so the girl that fits comfortably in the portfolio of the blonde.

What if you will continue to be a mystery is the face of the groom Alexawhich , as we can see in his Instagram and in the of Truffle, he is in charge of cover to protect your identity.

Surely we won’t lose the adventures of “Truffle Monopoly”, as well as day-to-day we follow the adventures of Alexa Dellanos and her voluptuous way through the world.

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