Is autistic. Lydia Lozano bursts into tears with these words. Save me, broken


April 03, 2020
(12:08 CET)

Lydia Lozano is confined to his home. The collaborator will not Save me to lift the state of alarm. However, he enters almost every day live through a video call. The tertuliana is very concerned about the current situation in the country. There are many people that are going badly for not being able to dismiss members of their families. There are also others that have a lot of fear out to the street, not only by being able to spread, but because they increpen from the balconies. The people that are responsible for an autistic child with down syndrome can go. Autism is not visible on the face, for this reason, many people think that skipping the confinement and it is not so.

Today, April 2nd, is celebrated the World Day of Awareness about Autism. In this historical moment we are living in, and that will be a before and an after in the collective consciousness, I hope that, little by little, this new version of the human being that is being shaped, it does not have the need to celebrate days of awareness of nothing. We finally accept and integrate the other, whoever he may be, with their capabilities and needs. Without having to resort to distinctive, campaigns or war cries, because no one points out or ignored. Because we all have a place. In the native american tribes, people with different abilities is considered a gift from the Great Spirit and each one occupied a role within the clan. Each being was a gift, a necessity for the tribe, that’s why he came to the earth, and no one raised otherwise. This week, Leo told me that he wanted to go to “The house above”, pointing up to the sky. I know that for him, fit into this world is a challenge many times, but I know that his presence, like that of so many others is a reminder, a calling of old voices for us all to be a Great Tribe. The barriers and differences we have created us. Happy April 2, one day more, gift more. ❤️ IN LAK’ECH (I am another you) HALA KEN (you are another me) Photo 1: daddy, Photo 2: mommy.

A publication shared Raquel Del Rosario (@raqueldelrosario) the

Interestingly, through this measure Lydia Lozano and his followers have discovered that Raquel del Rosario, ex-Fernando Alonso and singer of the band El sueño de Morfeo, has a son with autism. In their social networks has published an emotional letter addressed to Leo, the youngest, just five years. She knew that “it was different from when he was two years old and did not speak until he was four”.

Rachel wrote this text in the past 2 of April on the occasion of the Day of Awareness about Autism. The artist is very aware and is committed to the cause. In the text have also been able to see two beautiful images that his eldest son, one taken by her and another by her husband, Pedro Castro.

The singer you like the current situation in the country will serve to the world empatice with people with autism. They are not going at all well. As in many causes, Raquel del Rosario wants to disappear the Day of Awareness about Autism, this will mean that you have exceeded. And has taken the opportunity to do a call to acceptance and integration people who have some type of disorder as your son.

The singer brought tears to all of their followers and peers with a few words which said to him, your son, and you are heart-rending. “Leo told me that he wanted to go to ‘The house above’ pointing up to the sky,” wrote Rachel in the letter.

On how he brings his child the situation has ensured that “for him, fit into this world is a challenge many timesbut I know that your presence is a call for us all to be a Great Tribe.”

From the point of view of the canary “barriers and differences we have created us”, a few barriers that you expect to see disappear.