“Is very serious”. And is Maria Patiño. “It has a bad end.” Last time Save me


April 03, 2020
(11:50 CET)

Eye because in the last few hours is starting to grow concern in Save me and in Telecinco. Among other things, because the protagonist of all is none other than one of their faces are more well known: María Patiño.

A concern that is not less than. And it is, in fact, there are many social networks have been pointed out also that are starting to take the issue seriously. Everything turns, as you well know Jorge Javier Vázquez and the rest of contributors to the program, by the “excessive thinness”, as pointed out by some in networks, collaborating and presenting.

The problem of Maria Patiño

A Mary that, as you well know those who have followed its evolution since it began to highlight since many years as a journalist with the heart, has always had in his own image and in his figure one of their main concerns.

In fact, it is not that have been just few times that the journalist has gone to your surgeon confidence to take some tinkering. However, in this case has nothing to do with the botox or hyaluronic acid. It is your weight that is troubling.

And more, as we have seen in the last few days, after seeing the last photo of Patiño in his account of Instagram. A photo that has generated comments that show the concern that many of their fans.

There are those who points out that “it is very thin” and that “you should eat more”. On the other hand, as is usual in these cases, many, perhaps exaggerating a bit the situation, have left opinions like “It is very serious” or “Have a very bad end.”

And is that one of the reasons for concern is that there is no secret, among other things because she herself has recognized, that in the past Mary had serious eating problems that brought them even need psychological help. Of time has not arrived, far from that point. But the concern is on the rise.