Jacky Bracamontes gets the shock of his life after suffering a terrible accident with his family

Jacky Bracamontes gave you the fright of your life after suffering a terrible accident together with her husband Martin Sources and their two small daughters Emilia and Paulawhen a large branch fell on them.

Remember that Jacky Bracamontes a few days ago was in the midst of the uncertainty, at the thought that the entrepreneur Martin Sources and his daughter Renata had Coronavirus, a diagnosis that fortunately turned out negative.

However, it seems to be that the strong emotions in the family of Jacky Bracamontes have become a constant, since now suffered a slight accident in your department of Miami.

Jacky Bracamontes gets the shock of his life

This terrible story was told by the husband of the actress and conductor, Martin Sources by means of the stories in your account of Instagram. Where the employer commented that this accident happened in the pool of his apartment in Miami.

According to the story, Martin Sources and Jacky Bracamontes were in the wading pool with their daughters more small, the twins Emilia and Paula, when a large palm leaf fell suddenly upon them.

Family of Jacky Bracamontes suffers incident

In the video shared by Martin Sources it can be seen that the conductive runs quickly to pick up the branch, while Martin takes one of the babies in his arms, and begins to revise.

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Despite the fact that Jacky Bracamontes did not comment anything about it, her husband told them that this accident does hurt the neck, since the large palm suddenly dropped while the businessman playing with a small